Verrini Munari: Producers of Fine Italian Vinegar


July 12, 2013 by Dewi

You might remember a recipe I posted a while back for a balsamic-glazed roast loin of pork. Well shortly after that was posted on the blog, I received a rather interesting message on Twitter from a man named Nicolo Verrini, of the Verrini Munari vinegar producers in Modena, Italy. He joked that although the recipe was good, It would have been even better had I used their vinegar! We got to chatting and Nicolo was generous enough to ship over a complimentary box of their vinegar for me to review and feature on the blog. If you know me, then you’ll know that I make no secret of the fact I love all things Italian. I love the country, the language, the football, but most of all, the food. Naturally then, I was over the moon that I was getting to feature a great, Italian product, on my blog!

I don’t think it’s that unusual to get excited about a box of vinegar being delivered to your house. Especially when it’s from one of the finest producers of vinegar in the world.


The Verrini Munari family has been leading the art of producing high quality vinegar for 50 years, from their beautiful estate in Modena. Nicolo sustains the traditions of his grandfather (founder of the business), producing wonderful examples of red wine, white wine and balsamic vinegars. He grew up at the vineyard (they use their own grapes), and seeing the different stages of production around him, his curiosity led him to continue in the family business. I think that when a producer really cares about their product, when it’s in their DNA, it shows in the tasting.

And these vinegars taste delicious.


The red wine vinegar is tart and acidic, perfect for dressings and for bringing out the flavour in sauces. The white wine vinegar is sweeter, tastes fresh and fruity, and would be great for marinades and with fish.


The real star of the show for me, however, is the balsamic. My word, it’s good! It’s thick, dark, sticky and sweet. It would be great just with some bread or simply drizzled over a steak. I poured a few drops onto the back of my hand and the picture below shows how thick and wonderful it is, making no attempt to trickle away in the way that a thin, poorer quality balsamic would. I proceeded to lick the drops from my hand to check the taste. And then repeated the process a few times, just to be sure.


I’m really excited about collaborating with Nicolo and the Verrini Munari producers, so expect to see me using these products in plenty of recipes in the coming months!

If you want to see some more about the company and their terrific produce, check out their website here.


3 thoughts on “Verrini Munari: Producers of Fine Italian Vinegar

  1. Actually I would also get excited about a free shipment of vinegar!! Looks good, I’ve just run out of balsamic so you’ve reminded me to put it on my shopping list! I do use white balsamic a lot too, it’s good when you want to retain a pale food colour. Have a good week Dewi!

    • Dewi says:

      I’ve not used white balsamic before, bet it’s really versatile! Will look out for some. This Verrini Munari stuff is great though, really delicious. Used the balsamic to macerate some strawberries this weekend, the post has just gone up. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine 🙂

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