Happy birthday, blog!


June 3, 2014 by Dewi

Guess what? Something dawned on me today. Something which I found both alarming and marvellous in equal measure. It’s been a whole year since I published my first few posts here on The Boy Can Cook. In June 2013 I waded out into the ocean of food blogging with a great sense of excitement and an even greater sense of vulnerability.

It seems silly to me now when I consider just how terribly nervous I was, sharing my words/photos/thoughts with the internet for the first time. I remember expecting the kind of barrage of abuse and ridicule for which the world wide web is renowned. So much so that it took a fair bit of um-ing and ah-ing on my part before finally clicking “Publish” for the first time.

Like I’ve already said – frankly, that all just seems silly to me now. The first twelve months’  sharing my foodie musings on TBCC have been an absolute joy. Don’t get me wrong; balancing university work whilst trying to find the time to write up the recipes and take pictures of the food has been difficult at times. Without having had the blog to keep my mind refreshed, I wonder if the blend of difficult cases and textbooks, sandwiched with long library days would’ve fried my brain, leaving me half-baked and stir-crazy. (You’re welcome, pun fans).

So why have I enjoyed blogging so much? What’s been so enjoyable?

    • Writing for fun, not for grades – Sitting down to write a post, putting in little jokes, thinking of themed posts. Writing just for the hell of it is something I’ve found brilliantly therapeutic. Almost cleansing.


    • Experimenting with food photography – It’s not just words that allow creative enrichment; playing with light, angles, backdrops and computer software to make a plate of food look somewhat pretty has been a fun challenge.


    • The feedback – I was terrified of being laughed straight off the web when I started the blog, but in reality the response has been amazing. People seem to really enjoy the posts; many to the point where they get in touch (taking time out of their day) just to let me know. Receiving those messages never gets old.


    • Connecting with other bloggers – I’ve found and been inspired by other sites, made genuine friends through the network of blogging and had a right laugh chatting to like-minded home-cooks.


    • Improving in the kitchen – Having to think of recipes, making sure the timings are correct and that the measurements all add up so the recipe works – all this has made me a much better cook. I’m far more imaginative in the kitchen now than I was twelve months ago and the food I produce is generally tastier. Let’s hope that carries on!


    • Inspiring others to cook – This has been the best bit of the whole experience. Friends, friends of friends, even people I’ve never met have decided to get into the kitchen (some, for the first time) just to cook my recipes. When I started the blog I just wanted to share accessible and simple recipes – the type of food that got me into cooking in the first place and that I still enjoy cooking now. I can’t tell you how awesome it is when people give the recipes a go and get in touch to tell me how they got on.


Gosh, this has been a bit of a soppy post, hasn’t it? I hope you’ll forgive my indulgent gushing, but I wanted to share some of my personal reflections after having had my own little corner of the internet for a year. Here’s to another fun (and delicious) 12 months!


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, blog!

  1. Sinfully Tempting says:

    Happy 1st Anniversary! Wow, you made me take a look at my own blog. I think I’m coming up on one year, too!

  2. Liz says:

    Congratulations on the first anniversary. How exciting!!!

  3. Happy birthday TBCC!

    You are a great writer and I thoroughly enjoyed this little post of musings, and I can most certainly relate to all the points!
    I have almost been blogging for two years now (yikes!) and I have found myself making food I would never ever have thought to make before I started cooking properly, thanks to so many great food bloggers, old recipe books, and surfing on the waves of the internet, making different dishes form all over the world (which I must say I feel privileged to do, strange as that sounds).
    I hope you have many more years of blogging to come, as I love looking through your recipes and getting great ideas for what to make. I have taken note of some of your recipes, and they’re in my “make this!” note pad, I’ll be sure to include one of them next week 😀

    And don’t worry about sometimes not being able to blog because of course work, because you always come back strong with delicious dishes 😀 Now, have some cake to celebrate!

    All the best x

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