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Welcome to The Boy Can Cook! I’m Dewi and this is my blog. I’m a 24 year old law student and I’m obsessed with all things food.
A short history of the Boy’s cooking:

I started cooking as a teenager, with my mum teaching me the basics like the different ways to cook eggs and so on. What started out as a tool to feed my teenage-boy-bottomless-pit-style appetite soon developed into a genuine interest in food and cooking. I read cook books cover to cover and watched hours of cookery shows, taking inspiration from different chefs, food writers and TV cooks. I was cooking and learning all the time.

Whilst at university I moved into a flat, meaning that for the first time in my life, I had a kitchen all of my own. No stereotypical student beans-on-toast suppers here. Every birthday and Christmas I was being given cook books, pans, knives and all sorts of foodie gifts. My interest in cooking had become a passion and, admittedly, a bit of an obsession.

I’ve since visited food festivals, some rather special restaurants and, best of all, spent a weekend at La Cucina Caldesi Italian cookery school in London where I learnt some awesome recipes – which will be published here, no doubt – and some solid skills and techniques of Italian cooking (which, as it happens, is the food I love the most).

Some might find it odd that a young man should be quite so interested in cooking. For example, how many 24 year olds wake up on a Sunday morning and think to themselves “You know what I fancy doing today? Making a balsamic onion chutney!” I simply love to cook and enjoy nothing more than seeing people enjoy my food. To me, clean plates are the ultimate compliment.

The Boy Can Cook came about because I wanted to share my love of cooking with anyone willing to listen. This is essentially an excuse for me to harp on about what I’m cooking. On here you’ll mainly find recipes, but you’ll also find writing on eating out, cook books, kitchen equipment and just general musings on my experiences of food and cooking.

So please do have a read, look at the photos, share the blog posts and recipes, but most importantly, cook something! Cook it, eat it and comment to let me know how it goes, or to share with me any of your suggestions. Thank you, and enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “About TBCC

  1. Liz says:

    The boy sure can cook, I agree. It’s unique and rare to find boys who love cooking, so for me that’a a really good thing. I would like my son to be cooking like you. Thanks have a great weekend!

    • Dewi says:

      Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate the encouragement. Any tips for an aspiring blogger?

      • Liz says:

        Have a goal for your blog; post regularly (twice a week would be nice) and be consistent (some people blog 100 different topics-shoes, food, politics etc); interact with other bloggers; It can be tedious and monotonous but if you are blogging because you love it then I guess that cancels the monotony. Give the best you can for readers! Happy blogging and wish you a wonderful weekend!!

      • Dewi says:

        Thanks for the excellent advice! Only been in the blogging game a week but really enjoying being part of the food blog community.

  2. Liz says:

    I am waiting to like your next post! Thanks for liking mine!

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  4. rachelhammer says:

    Dear Boy Can Cook– Thank you so much for featuring Bake This Day Our Daily Bread on your list of followed blogs! I’d send you fan kitsch if I had any. I’m loving your blog, well done! From one medical student to a law student, cooking/baking is the best way to keep a good head on your shoulders (and a happy belly beneath) while in graduate training.

    • Dewi says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I tended to use cooking as a bit of a relaxation tool at uni. After a particularly hard class, just spending a few hours in the kitchen baking a loaf of bread or something would help recharge the batteries!

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